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Russians Buying Glasgwegian Vodka

Allow us to take half a step away from whisky, and highlight a mysterious label that appears to show a Scottish whisky distillery selling vodka to Russia. We don't know if this 'coals to Newcastle' situation reached the market commercially, as the label was found in the label specimen book of M. Risk and Sons Ltd rather than on an actual bottle. Here it is, with the translation below.



Provanmill vodka liqueur label in old Russian Provanmill vodka liqueur label

It is written using an old Russian alphabet, and translates as follows:

Saint Andrew
“Vodka Liqueur”
M. Risk & Sons Ltd
Provanmill Distillery Scotland
Founded 1815
Main Office – Glasgow

Risk and Sons involvement in Provanmill Distillery ceased in 1922, but the label is probably about a decade older. Interestingly, Saint Andrew is the patron saint of both Russia and Scotland, so perhaps that is the justification for such an outlandish plan to sell vodka to the Russians. Or is it linked to the prohibition of vodka in Russia in 1914? Either way it is something of a mystery to us.