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Whisky Artefacts #6 - Soda for Whisky Drinkers With Gouty or Rheumatic Tendencies

Taking a slight departure in our series of whisky artefacts let's look at the marketing of the most popular whisky mixer at the turn of the last century.


Most whisky books will tell you the success of Scotch whisky in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was largely built on the mixed drink, whisky and soda. There is little time in such histories to tell the tale of the brands of soda that shared the highball glasses with the malts and blends of the day. Here are two, who tied their marketing specifically to whisky: Rosbach and Apollinaris.


Rosbach and Whisky article Rosbach Advert, Illustrated London News October 14th 1893

Rosbach Advert
This promotion from a sparkling German water offers a free small bottle of John Walker & Sons Kilmarnock Highland Whisky with a case of their table water. The amusing testament from an anonymous doctor could come right from the pages of P G Woodhouse.



Apollinaris table water advert Apollinaris Advert, theatre program (dated between 1901-1910)

Apollinaris Advert
This naturally carbonated German water claims to not only improve the flavour of the oldest spirit, mitigate the ill effects or poor taste of younger whisky, and aid digestion generally. Although, we do note that the same publication advertises Madame Dowding’s corsets as a certain cure for stooping, indigestion and obesity.