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How We Sell Allocated Products

The rise of the values of certain limited edition whiskies on auction sites in the immediate months after release has in recent years been steep, so we feel it is now appropriate to clarify how we sell products that are allocated to us by our suppliers. We hope our customers see this as fair-minded and supportive of collectors and drinkers alike.

How it works

  1. We immediately release for sale all stock a supplier sells us on allocation. We are not going to hoard bottles for the future. The only exception to this is our own independent bottlings, of which we keep a few back in a company archive.
  2. Our staff are not allowed to buy products that are allocated by our suppliers. If a new release comes in from a distiller, staff must ask the management if they are allowed to buy a bottle, giving the customers a chance to buy bottles first. It would be very easy for our staff to supplement wages by gaining an unfair advantage over customers by buying bottles before they hit the shelves. We don’t think this would be fair on customers or our suppliers.
  3. We limit highly restricted stock to ‘One bottle per customer’ in order to give drinkers and collectors a better chance of obtaining a bottle.
  4. We don’t take pre-orders or advance lists for allocated limited editions, releasing them online and in store with an announcement on social media (normally Twitter). If we did take such a pre-order list, the bottles would be sold out before they hit the shelves and we would spend a huge amount of time following up on queries. We pride ourselves on good service, but with so many drinkers, collectors and speculators now contacting us ahead of release dates we find this is the quickest way to give callers a clear answer.