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  • Daftmill Distillery Visit

    On a clear, crisp, February morning, several of the team headed north to Fife, having been invited to tour Daftmill Distillery by founder and owner, Francis Cuthbert, and given the opportunity to select and bottle our own single cask by B

  • Norman's Nose

    On the outside, there is nothing remarkable about Norman Mathison’s nose. It sits in the middle of his face, is equipped with a pair of nostrils and could happily support a pair of specs. Where it differs is on the inside. This remarkably well-tuned organ kept Norman gainfully employed as a whisky blender for over fifty years, and it still keeps him busy now. “I retired eight years ago,

  • Crabbie 30 Year Old - A Hidden Gem

    To be invited to an event celebrating the announcement of the building a new malt whisky distillery is always exciting, but it is the ultimate in delayed gratification. You toast with the host, then have to wait half a decade to taste anything. Being an apologetic nerd of whisky history, I had hoped to learn a little more of about the amazing contribution John Crabbie made to the development

  • My Name'5 Doddie Charity Auction

    Our sister company, Royal Mile Whisky Auctions, is hosting a charity auction in aid of the ‘My Name’5 Doddie Foundation’. Last year, Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. As a result of this, Doddie set up the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation with the aim of rais

  • The Great Glen Scotia Giveaway!

    The great Glen Scotia giveaway!

    This year we’ve been delighted to exclusively bottle not one but, TWO different expressions of Glen Scotia and we’ve now giving you the chance to grab a bottle of both. Just head on over to Facebook, like our page, like the post and tag a friend you’d like to share a dram or two w

  • Russians Buying Glasgwegian Vodka

    Allow us to take half a step away from whisky, and highlight a mysterious label that appears to show a Scottish whisky distillery selling vodka to Russia. We don't know if this 'coals to Newcastle' situation reached the market commercially, as the label was found in the label specimen book of M. Risk and Sons Ltd rather than on an actual bottle. Here it is, with the translation below.

  • Whisky Artefacts #7 - Aberdeen Distillery on Fire, September 27th 1904

    News of a distillery on fire captures the attention, in a twisted kind of way. Imagining the sounds of buckling metal and exploding casks, or the smells of 700,000 gallons of burning whisky tends to bring out the rubbernecker in all of us. This seems to be the case when North of Scotland Distillery in Aberdeen went up in flames, and there seems to have been money in it.

  • Whisky Artefacts #6 - Soda for Whisky Drinkers With Gouty or Rheumatic Tendencies

    Taking a slight departure in our series of whisky artefacts let's look at the marketing of the most popular whisky mixer at the turn of the last century.


    Most whisky books will tell you the success of Scotch whisky in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was largely built on the mixed drink, whisky and soda. There is little time in such histories to tell the ta

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