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Bimber London Dry Gin 42% 70cl

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Bimber London Dry Gin

A very interesting gin, which manages to both exhibit bright, fresh characteristics and rich rounded flavours. Perfect for a long drink, and it's different nature means it's suitable for several types of gin drink.

Official Tasting Notes

Nose: Complex aromas driven by juniper, nutmeg, coriander and citrus, with oily hints of peppery cassia.

Palate: Warming, rich and earthy coriander combine with juniper and hints of sweet, spicy cinnamon.

Finish: Long and complex, giving way to floral notes and warm nutmeg with a touch of pepper.

NameBimber London Dry Gin
ProducerBimber Distillery
Alc Vol42%
Listed InGin London Dry Style Gin
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