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1973 UK Exclusive Single Cask 4606 48.9% 70cl

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Product Information


ProducerGordon & Macphial
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume48.9%


This single cask, number 4606, was a refill American Hogshead filled in 1973. The cask is exclusively for the UK market and has produced only 41 bottles of this very limited edition. Coming in an oak box, reflecting the colour of the washbacks at the distillery, the bottle is designed to resemble the shape of Benromach's stills in it's shoulder and neck, completed by the copper collar. Both bottle and box are inlaid with the cut groove that contains the copper medallion, representing the 'heart' cut of the spirit. It's quite a piece! Only fitting, then, that the contents are equally exquisite, with ginger, chololate, tobacco and fruit all layering through the palate.
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes
An exceedingly rare character of exotic fruits with ginger, dark chocolate and dried tobacco hints.

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