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10 Year Old 100 Proof 57% 70cl

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Alc. Volume57%


A full and robust Benromach bottled at 100 Proof, or at least the UK version of 100 Proof! When our staff first tried this one it immediately jumped onto their list of favourite whiskies to recommend.
Tasting Notes
Staff Tasting Notes
Nose: Chocolate Hazelnut spread, salt. A big smoky hug with hints of raisins and more particularly Xmas pudding.
Palate: Initially sweet and quite rich with some full bodied dark chocolate notes. Linseed oil, smoky candyfloss and skittles were all found after a while.
Finish: Old bookshelves and smoked cheese! Just the right amount of smoke and BBQ notes. Still very delicate and balanced. Wooly sweaters and a fireplace anyone?
Comment: Truly wonderful, a new staff favourite right here.

Official Tasting Notes
Nose: It has an intense Sherry nose with heaps of stewed apple, pear and delightful vanilla pod aromas... delicious toasted malt aromas develop and complement an underlying menthol edge.
With Water: it’s fabulous, with initial hints of beeswax polish and peat smoke, followed by sweeter aromas developing with ripe banana and kiwi bound together by honey.
Palate: There’s cracked black pepper with juicy fresh strawberry and raspberry, hints of orange peel and milk chocolate combine with a delicate smoky edge.
With Water: Roll it around your palate and enjoy the sweet and salty effect with ripe banana and blackcurrant flavours. Notice the emerging creamy milk chocolate edge with a long rich finish of lingering subtle smokiness and bonfire embers.

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