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Kelpie 46% 70cl

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Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume46%


Beware what lurks in the hidden depths! Ardbeg's latest limited release takes it's name from one of Scotland's most famous mythical creatures. The whisky has been matured in a number of casks but most notably virgin oak from the Black Sea coast. This unusual addition in maturation has brought a huge depth to the character and flavour that you would usually associate with Ardbeg,
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes
Nose: A wonderful, intense, 'dancing' nose, with lots of different intertwined aromas - powerful, oily peat, dark chocolate, smoked fish, hints of seaweed, and a curious, sharp herbal note. Waves of spicy black pepper. A splash of water brings forth some classic Ardbeg notes, such as creamy coffee, smoked fudge and pine resin. Even some hints of smoked coconut.
Palate: A peppery mouthfeel is followed by a crescendo of rich flavours. Treacle toffee, Turkish coffee, smoky bacon and lots of dark, dark chocolate. A curious burst of peachy, estery fruit, hickory wood, clove oil and a suggestion of black olives on the aftertaste.
Finish: Seemingly lasting forever, with deep, deep, almost subterranean flavours of clove, tar and rich toffee.

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