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Amrut 8 Year Old Greedy Angels 50% 70cl

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Amrut 8 Year Old Greedy Angels

You may have heard of 'The angel's share' when it comes to maturing whisky, but you may not know that the angels get thirstier in hotter climates. Amrut have come across this problem as they mature their whisky in India and the angels have taken a fair whack from the casks of this 8 year old whisky.

NameAmrut 8 Year Old Greedy Angels
ProducerAmrut Distillery
Alc Vol50%
Listed InWorld Whiskies Indian Whisky
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Peated single malt whisky from India and another well received expression from arguably the first serious Indian malt distillers Amrut. This expression is peated to a level of 24ppm and bottled at 46%.
Amrut Peated 46% 70cl
A unique and intriguing whisky from Amrut distillers. As the debate around the terroir of whisky begins to gather steam they have released this new dram which has been matured across both Asia and Eur...
A hefty but rounded peated whisky from the Amrut distillery. This whisky was hugely influential is bringing Indian whisky to main stream attention and, if you haven't tried t yet, we suggest getting y...
Amrut Fusion 50% 70cl
A classic Indian single malt whisky from Amrut Distillers first launched in 2004. Distilled from barley grown at the North West of India and matured in New American Oak and ex-bourbon casks.
Kadhambam means 'mixture' in Tamil, this is a limited release from Amrut. Their single malt whisky is matured in bourbon casks then transferred into ex-Oloroso casks, then brandy casks and then rum ca...
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