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Tennessee Whiskey

The people of Tennessee are very passionate about the whiskey they make. Although very similar to bourbon there are a few differences that set it apart. The most obvious of these is that it must be made in the great state of Tennessee itself. The second is that it is filtered through maple charcoal before being laid down in a cask. This charcoal filtration in Tennessee is known as the 'Lincoln County Process' and gives the whiskey a smoother feel and ashy texture. It is not a legal obligation to filter the whiskey in this way but in many senses it has become synonymous with Tennessee whiskey. The name comes from Lincoln County, which was the site of the original Jack Daniels distillery where the method was employed. As it happens, over the years the county lines have been re-drawn and currently there are no distilleries within Lincoln County itself.


Although there are not many brands of Tennessee whiskey it does have some very well known whiskies. The most obvious being Jack Daniels, which is one of the biggest and most well known spirits in the world. So next time you order a 'Jack and Coke' and can smile to yourself knowing it's not quite the same as a standard 'bourbon and coke'.


Tennessee Whiskey:

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American Eagle Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey is a marriage of corn, rye and malt matured in new American oak barrels for 12 years.
American Eagle
A special edition to celebrate a century and a half of whiskey making. The barrels for this bottling have all been slow toasted and matured in what they consider to be their finest location: Angel's R ...
Jack Daniels
A smaller version of the ever popular Gentleman Jack. The Gentleman Jack is even smoother than the famed Jack Daniels No.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniel's trademark smoothness is brought about by filtering the whiskey through charred maple wood.
Jack Daniels
A Tennessee whiskey made to honour Nathan 'Nearest' Green who has been acknowledged as the first African American distiller.
Uncle Nearest
A popular addition to Jack Daniel's core range. They've crafted a honey liqueur from their already sweet, maple charred whiskey.
Jack Daniels
Mr Jess Gamble was only Master Distiller between 1964 and 1966, but crucially he was the first to come from outside Jack's family.
Jack Daniels
Every year the Jack Daniel's distillery builds an iconic Christmas tree from barrels containing their famous Tennessee whiskey.
Jack Daniels
An accessible celebratory bottling of this American classic. Using the same basic process - you know the score, filtered through 10 feet of maple charcoal - but bottling at the higher strength of 43%
Jack Daniels
To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Jack Daniel opening his White Rabbit Saloon in what was then the town centre of Lynchburg, the original No 7 recipe has been upped to 43% for the White Rabbit edi ...
Jack Daniels