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Whiskey Liqueur

We are at an interesting crossroads currently, where American distillers are muddying the waters of what a liqueur is, with the growth of a new category - flavoured whiskey. For ease we have grouped both categories together, but it is important to know about their differences.


While liqueurs have a minimum sugar content, flavoured whiskies are simply whiskies which tend to be lower in abv, with flavours added to them such as fruit, spice or honey. Although critics were not keen when they hit the market, it seems this style is here to stay. Honey is is a particular trend, with honey seen as a natural flavour also producing the desired sweetness. These sweeter products seem to be aimed at a younger drinker, and can be used to great effect in a number of cocktails.


Whiskey Liqueur:

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The Southern Comfort Black has been made to appeal to those who like a mellow drink but still want to feel the texture of whiskey coming through.
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort can be found in almost every bar that you've ever visited and now they're extending their ambitions with this new release.
Southern Comfort
Jimmy Russell is a bit of a legend in American Whiskey. He has been making Bourbon in Kentucky for 54 years.
Wild Turkey
Evan William's Kentucky Straight Bourbon mixed with honey. It's a simple and effective idea.
Evan Williams