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Corn Whiskey

The difference between corn whiskey and bourbon is the percentage of corn used in the mashbill and the style of cask it is matured in. To be corn whiskey the mashbill must be at least 80% and the spirit must not be matured in a new charred oak cask. That means corn whiskey will be aged in a fresh new barrel or in a barrel that has held something else before (much like Scotch whisky) .


Corn tends give slightly less flavour than rye or barley, is a less expensive cereal and has therefore been a favourite with moonshiners for generations. Unsurprisingly, corn whiskey often has notes of popcorn and toffee and is a sweet, easy drinking whiskey. The producers of corn whiskey like to embrace the nostaglia of moonshine and often hark back to the romance of this time of bootleggers and outlaws


Not commonly found in the UK, if you like a sweet drink that is undemanding and fun, then we would certainly recommend a corn whiskey.


Corn Whiskey:

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True Blue is a straight corn whisky made from heirloom blue corn and bottled at 100 proof (50% abv).
Made at Heaven Hill Distillery, a high proportion corn whiskey, with sweet notes of marzipan and almond.
Mellow Corn
A corn whiskey that has been matured for three years and that comes in a really cool jug.
Platte Valley
Balcones are a small Texas based distillery that is run by Chip Tate (ex-brewer, baker, astrophysicist) who's aim is to create the fullest flavoured American Whiskey.
Baby Blue was the first Texas whisky release to the market since Prohibition. It has been created using roasted heirloom blue corn and distilled in copper pot stills.
A corn spirit, aged for less than 30 days. Perfect to try in cocktails.
Georgia Moon
A corn clear spirit produced in Pot Stills in South Carolina.